Welcome Friends and Fellow Creatives!

We’re so glad you found us here, where we want to tell you a little something about our book.

We wrote this book to reimagine creativity — to place value on the creative process as much (if not more) than churning out creative products. To return creativity to a more reflective and introspective place.

We aimed to write a book that models what it hopes to inspire—a book on creativity that is not academic but is artful, that is not conceptual but is creative, in and of itself. Within it, we explore seven ways to enter creativity more consciously by engaging with the stuff of everyday life, the stuff that fuels our creative fires, universal flames which can spark inspiration and renew dedication to the creative life.

But there’s more.

We wanted to offer you something that brings a fresh and novel perspective to the saturated field of creativity. Truly, we wanted to start a new conversation about creativity, one that honors its multidimensionality and its mystery.

Thus, Deep Creativity was born. With Seven Ways. And Fifteen Principles. And three authors spanning multiple generations. 

We’re happy you’re here, exploring the waters with us. And hope you’re ready for the dive. 

There’s nothing lofty here. Our work is about going down and into our everyday lives to pull out our creative potential. 

We believe this is transformational and magical work. We’re here, doing this work right alongside of you.

In depth and creativity,
Deborah, Jennifer, and Dennis

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The Seven Ways

This book is an initiation and an invitation into a deeper conversation about the wellsprings of creativity.
We explore seven eternal “ways” to access and evoke inspiration. 



“One of the pleasures I get from this book is how the trinity of three authors works as one. Often, when a book has several authors, they have little to do with each other, and as a reader you bounce back and forth between one and the other. Not so here.”

— Thomas Moore, bestselling author of Care of the Soul



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