What is Deep Creativity?

In the process of writing the book, we realized we were fleshing out new ways of looking at creativity, new lenses informed by our mutual backgrounds in depth psychology. We compiled these lenses into “The Fifteen Principles of Deep Creativity.”

We chose the word principles to suggest our fundamental thoughts, the underpinnings of the union of depth psychology and creativity.

These are themes rather than definitions; these are convictions rather than truths; these are perspectives rather than facts. They are the way we see the creative world and our place within it, and we offer that vision to you.

15 PRINCIPLES of Deep Creativity

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“We need a depth approach to the creative life, because the temptation is to soar like Icarus basking in the sun. Creativity also thrives in the shadows and in the depths. This book courageously invites us to realign our thinking about the creative life, completing the usual skyward view by getting us back in touch with creativity’s roots.”

— Thomas Moore, author of New York Times bestseller Care of the Soul