deep “c” voyage
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We always wanted you to be part of the conversation.

Now, here’s how to join in.

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join with us in community to spark and spur each other’s creative spirits.


Starting this fall, Deborah and Jennifer will lead a small group* on a voyage into and through each of the seven ways of Deep Creativity.

Together we’ll follow the exact same pattern we did when we created the book, as explored in our introduction—we’ll call out a way for the month, then dive deep into the way and surface with our creative response to share with each other.

 Participants will receive:

  • Two Zoom video conference calls per month, one at the beginning of our dive, to discuss the way of the month, and once at the end, to share our unique creative responses (because deep creativity is idiosyncratic). These calls will also be recorded and made available to you, if for any reason you can’t join the session live.

  • Access to a private Facebook group which Deborah and Jennifer will contribute to during the month, offering inspiration and reflection upon the way at hand (because deep creativity is attentive).

  • An opportunity to share your creative works in progress on the Facebook group, in addition to asking questions and participating in discussion (because deep creativity is responsive).

  • First notification of early-bird pricing for all events and retreats we will be offering in the future.

  • One 45 minute individual creative consultation with Deborah and Jennifer.

*group is limited to 12 participants


Whether you are already deep into your creative life or just beginning to heed the creative call, we designed this exclusive offering for those who want to commit time, energy and space to their creativity. The best news : we don’t have to do this alone. We get to collaborate and commune with other creatives along the way, exploring and experiencing the 15 principles of deep creativity firsthand. This voyage is about dedication, but nothing too extreme. It will be a manageable and meaningful way to foster and enhance your creative energy in the world.

The program will run for 7 months, beginning October 1, 2019.

Cost : $295 per month (with monthly auto-renew payments)
Or : $1890 if you pay in one upfront payment (this works out to be $270 per month).
After we approve your application, we will send you the payment details and options.


(1) Because it will be serious


The archetypal psychologist James Hillman, who we quote a lot in the book, proposed that three conditions are critical for anyone serious about the creative process: structure, deadlines, and community. This program offers all three.

  • Structure, in the form of monthly Zoom calls and the Facebook private group

  • Deadlines, where we commit to producing something by the end of each month

  • Community, with each other as companions, readers, witnesses, collaborators, viewers, etc.

(2) Because it will be fun


Seriously fun.

With Deborah and Jennifer as your hosts, your guides, and your creative compatriots, we promise that sparks will fly, inside jokes will be shared, and behind the scenes stories will be revealed. Add to the mix a rag-tag group of fellow creatives, all dedicated and devoted to their mutual craft-of-choice, and we’ll all walk away with a warm heart, meaningful connections, and lots of laughter.


Possible Surprises

We are seriously trying to rope Dennis in for some guest appearances and wise musings along the way. We do have some ‘pull’ so chances are quite high you’ll be encountering him as well through this voyage.

The application process consists of six simple questions. After you submit, we will respond to you within one week.
We are ready to begin this voyage with you, and look forward to building real community around the creative life.


*All author photography on this page taken by Joey Paynter Photography. Grateful for her creative soul and vision.