In this video, Deborah, Jennifer and Dennis answer some pretty essential and important questions.


Deborah Anne Quibell, PhD.

“Along the creative’s path, the smallest of things demand our gasp, our loving attention, our fixed gaze, and our compassionate noticing. To gasp is to take in or breathe in the world around us. In depth psychological language this is known as the primary, aesthetic response of the heart.” 

— Deborah, Deep Creativity

Deborah Anne Quibell has taught healing and meditation for over 14 years, on four of the seven continents. She studied under the personal guidance of Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, and she holds a PhD in Depth Psychology with emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal Studies. 

She released her debut collection of poetry Soul Bird : Poems for Flying in Spring 2019. She has published in academic journals and engaged with some of the top online international publications. She is a passionate creative, and believes in breathing grounded knowledge from scholarly pursuits into the fields of mysticism and spirituality, while staying accessible to a wide audience through humor, heart, poetics and grace. She is a senior instructor for the Institute for Inner Studies and teaches pranic healing, yoga, and meditation throughout Europe and the United States. You can also find many of her practices online, in collaboration with Rituals. She is regularly invited to speak at international conferences and festivals and has made both television and radio appearances.

She now lives in Rome, Italy with her husband and son, and is constantly searching for magic and meaning amidst the beautiful mess of modern day life. She is often found with a cappuccino in one hand and a green juice in the other.

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*bio photo by Paige Fulleton McFall


Jennifer Leigh Selig, PhD.

The creative spirit is everywhere and anywhere and cannot be contained or restrained inside any studio walls. We find the holy, the beautiful, every day out in our everywhere world.

— Jennifer, Deep Creativity

The author Carol S. Pearson, upon bestowing Jennifer with a teaching and leadership award several years ago, said of her, “She gets more done by 9:00 in the morning than most of us do all day.” 

As a lifelong educator of over 4000 students with 30+ years of classroom experience, she’s been known for constantly creating new courses and innovating programs. At Pacifica Graduate Institute, she put all that creative energy and history to good use as the designer and the founding chair of the innovative master’s degree program in Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life, and a doctoral degree program in Jungian and Archetypal Studies.

After leaving her faculty position there, she designed and currently teaches courses in memoir and vocation, drawing upon the principles of deep creativity. She is a sought-after speaker both nationally and internationally at conferences and workshops, presenting work on topics such as the paradoxical relationship between hope and despair; the intersection of creativity, character, and calling; and her current work, on longing. She’s spent 18 years researching Martin Luther King, Jr., and she speaks frequently on her book, Integration: The Psychology and Mythology of Martin Luther King, Jr. and His (Unfinished) Therapy With the Soul of America.

Along with animals, travel, teaching, and photography, writing is her passion. She is the author of dozens of newspaper articles, book reviews, journal articles, 3 screenplays, and is either the author, editor, contributor, or publisher of over 18 books (and she has another half dozen she’d like to complete by 9:00 in the morning tomorrow). She owns a publishing company, Mandorla Books, and enjoys supporting writers in birthing their book-babies into the world.

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Dennis Patrick Slattery, PhD

When any of us creates something, including an authentic, ethical and original life, we participate in the headwaters of the divine, in part because we have dared to allow ourselves to engage the mysterious dimensions of being, those dimensions that cannot be controlled, formatted or be risk-free of error, pain or suffering. Would we really have it otherwise?

— Dennis, Deep Creativity

Dennis has taught for the past 50 years, beginning with Elementary Special Education, then high school, undergraduate and for the past 20 years, Mythological Study students as well as those in Depth Psychology, Depth Psychotherapy, Counseling and Clinical Psychology programs at Pacifica Graduate Institute. 

He is the author, co-author, editor or co-editor, of 24 books including seven volumes of poetry, two with accompanying CDs; he also co-authored one novel. 

He has published over 200 articles on popular culture, mythology, psychology, cultural phenomena in book chapters, newspaper and magazine articles and on-line publications. As a result of writing this collection of essays on creativity with Jennifer and Deborah, Dennis has designed and now implemented a course on Creative Writing and Personal Myth, which he is currently teaching to second year Mythology students at Pacifica Graduate Institute. 

Expanding beyond the written word, Dennis took classes in mixing glazes and creating pottery both on the wheel and free-hand. For the past seven years, he has taken formal acrylic painting classes, and is now creating paintings in water color.

He has been a frequent guest on radio talk shows and has offered “riting” personal myth retreats across the United States, Canada, Ireland and Switzerland. 

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How we connected

At first glance, the three of us are an unlikely bunch of collaborators. We were all raised in different parts of the United States and during the two-year process of writing this book, we were geographically distant from each other, meeting only once in person. 

We’re also scattered across different age spectrums. Without planning for this, we noticed that we are about twenty years apart in age (spanning our midthirties, midfifties, and midseventies), which we came to see as a lovely spectrum of experience.

And while we are geographically and generationally diverse, what binds the three of us together, beyond our commitment to creativity, is a background steeped in depth. 

We initially connected through Pacifica Graduate Institute, where Dennis and Jennifer have been much beloved professors, and at the time of writing this book, Deborah was there completing her doctoral studies. We all share a deep and embodied passion for the creative life.

What was is like to co-author a book?

Imagine three dolphins swimming side by side in the ocean. 

One of us would call out the topic, e.g., “the way of love,” and all three of us would dive into our own slice of the sea, the waters where our conscious and unconscious swim, and we would write our essays from our own depths. This we considered the work of soul, which moves downward into the depths of experience for meaning. 

And then, just like dolphins, we would breach the surface, which for us meant bringing our individual essays into the air to give them life. 

We took eager delight in reading each other’s essays, smiling at the points of unexpected convergence, while, more often, relishing those places of absolute divergence—those places which revealed the idiosyncratic manner each of the seven ways worked within us. This we considered the work of spirit, which reaches upward much like fire to where our individual flames, sparked by each of the seven ways, also sparked each other. 

Artistic expression is often accompanied with fierce judgment, isolation, and competition. What writing this book validated for us is how we as artists and creatives can truly inspire, spark, enliven, shape, and magnify one another.