from the Foreword by thomas moore


"The secret to the success of this book may be that all three authors pay attention to style. Their prose is not flat and simply informative, as is often the case in books on aesthetics. They appreciate stories and tell stories from their lives well. They are also highly educated and make references and quotes with originality and taste. Taste is an essential element in creativity and helps make this book stand out."

— Thomas Moore


Thomas Moore is the author of numerous popular books on spirituality, including the classic New York Times bestselling book Care of the Soul and its companion volume, Soul Mates. He is a depth psychologist and psychotherapist, and a popular international speaker and thought leader. Deborah, Jennifer, and Dennis consider him both a friend and a much esteemed mentor, and are grateful for his foreword to Deep Creativity


Deep Creativity will live on my favorite bookshelf, alongside The Artist’s Way, Bird by Bird, Flow, and Big Magic, all books that inspire the creative spirit. What Deep Creativity adds is inspiration for the creative soul, diving deep as the others fly high. The authors, three voices from three generations, draw the reader into an open-hearted, open-ended conversation. They share personal stories and universal struggles, then invite us in to creatively examine our own thoughts, feelings, memories and dreams, as we explore and deepen our own creative potential.

— Cheri Steinkellner, winner of Four Emmy Awards, two Golden Globes, a Writers Guild, People’s Choice, Parents’ Choice, World Animation Award and the British BAFTA for writing and producing television’s Cheers and Disney’s Teacher’s Pet with her husband, Bill.


Deep Creativity is an appeal, reminder, and summons to engage the autonomous “Other” which resides within each of us, just outside the range of ego intentionality.  The authors appeal to our innate desire to create the world around us, to reclaim our co-authorship of experience, while respecting the otherness of the “Other” which seeks incarnation in the world through us. Through examples and precepts, they lead the reader into a new experience of what is oldest in each of us.  

— James Hollis, PhD, Jungian Analyst and author of Living an Examined Life


The title alone calls one to reflection and adventure. The chapters propel us deeper while the topics assist in our soul’s singing; they sing due to the art of creativity, an act which makes us all feel alive. These three muses touch our souls in ways only poetic writing can, while simultaneously providing the inspiration for the reader to reach for a pen, brush, instrument or their creative method of choice. The readings are like medicine, with a probable side effect of propelling others to be creative. 

— Kwame Scruggs, PhD, Founder & Director of Alchemy, Inc.


For those whose creative life could use a boost, as well as a grounding, reading and engaging with Deep Creativity offers a warm breeze of inspiration, as if from the original Altar of the Muses, in Athens. This unique work combines probing essays into both the madness and euphoria of making art, with a range of practices designed to rekindle the love and attentiveness needed for soulful self-expression.

— Phil Cousineau, author of Stoking the Creative Fires: Nine Ways to Rekindle Passion and Imagination, and Burning the Midnight Oil: Illuminating Words for the Long Night's Journey into Day.


This is a must read for anyone looking for insight or inspiration in the creative process. Learning from the master teachers.

— Selden Edwards, author of The New York Times bestseller The Little Book.


The practices within this book are like portals into which one enters a deeply creative and healing space. Without much effort, and in a myriad of ways, we are led closer to the creative force that calls to each of us. The poems, images, stories, and contemplations in Deep Creativity stir even the dimmest of embers within the reader, and page by page the creative fire is reignited. Thank you to Deborah, Jennifer, and Dennis for weaving a path that leads us back to the creative life. Your collaborative voices in Deep Creativity make a sum much more generous than its parts.

— Kim Krans, artist and author of The Wild Unknown Tarot and The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit.


Deep Creativity is a call to acknowledge each person's originality that inspires their creativity. The authors tell us that if we are faithful to our own idiosyncratic gifts and ignore the voice of the critic, desire and love will fuel our creative fire. 

— Maureen Murdock, PhD, author of The Heroine's Journey


Deep Creativity is a joy to read. Its creative format combines meditations to enhance seven creative gifts, providing essays on how each of the three authors—notable scholars all—experience each path. My stereotypical expectations about the creative life were continually upended by surprising delightful and unexpected twists and turns. I never before thought that a meditation book could be a page-turner. This one was, at least for me.

— Carol S. Pearson, author of The Hero Within, Awakening the Heroes Within, and Persephone Rising